Gluten Free Pizza

Who loves pizza?! Me! 🙋🏼 I love pizza. 

I didn’t know that gluten free pizza existed. I mean yes I know they have the frozen kind, but I’m talking about the hot kind that has been cooked in a real pizza oven! 

My husband surprised me the other day & got us some to try. And you guys it was AMAZING!

It was hot & cheesy & crispy & the best part was I didn’t have that bloated heavy feeling in my stomach! I would definitely get it again. 

If you live in Riverside particularly the Mission Grove area try the Gluten Free pizza from Antonios! Let me know if you try it too! 🍕 Xo – C


This ain’t no top ramen

Hey guys! 

So last night we went to a ramen house for the first time! I was so excited for this new experience & of course to see what real ramen tasted like. 

Of course I’ve had top ramen, but we all know that isn’t the real deal! That’s your I’m broke & a college student go too. 

So we went to a place called Zen Street here in Riverside, California. It was a cool little restaurant & they had some amazing ramen! My husband got the traditional ramen with the noodles & all. His was a little spicy, but delicious (I had to try the broth haha)! His was called the drunken. I got the traditional ramen broth called Tonkotsu but I had udon noodles instead. It was to die for!

We also got two appetizers. The Mao-Mao chicken dumplings which were juicy & crispy at the same time & the charsiu pork buns which were fluffy & melt in your mouth delicious. 

Our experience overall was amazing. The prices are reasonable, their staff is very friendly & the food is amazing! If you are ever in the mood for real ramen give this place a try! It’s so good! 
Here’s the menu with the prices:

The pork buns on top & the the chicken dumplings:

Our ramen! Top one is the Drunken & then mine the Tonkotsu with Uson noodles 

They also have an Instagram @zenstreet

Zen Street

3600 Central Ave Suite 1

Riverside, CA 92506