Healthy snack bark

Hi guys! So it has been hot & humid here at our house & sometimes you don’t have much of an appetite due to the heat. So I decided to make one of our favorite snacks that’s healthier & delicious. 

I made bark, but not your average chocolate & nuts bark! I made mine with Greek yogurt, ( I use either honey or vanilla), nuts, dark chocolate chips & strawberries. You can switch it up & put what ever kind of fruit you want & toppings too!

I take a cookie sheet & line it with foil & spread the yogurt over in until it’s smooth & even. Then I add small bite size pieces of strawberries or other fruits. I sprinkle nuts & dark chocolate chips on there & then freeze it for a couple hours. 

After it’s frozen I take it out & break it into smaller pieces & then I just put it in a container & back in the freezer & there you go! You now have a nice healthier cool snack for summer! 


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