The perfect omelette 

I never knew that making an omelette could be so easy! I tried making one & succeeded ! Yay!! 

Here is what I did to make mine turn out! So I whisked two eggs with 2 table spoons water & a dash of salt & pepper. I don’t use salt normally when I cook because people usually add salt anyway & you don’t want your dish to be to salty. 

The I took my 7 inch pan & heated up a teaspoon of butter & as soon as it was hot enough I poured the eggs into the pan. As it cooked I pushed the sides down so that it cooked evenly. 

As soon as their was no liquid left in the middle of the eggs I added a half cup total of cheese & sausage. I didn’t want to over stuff my omelette. As soon as I filled it I flipped it in half & then plated it. 

I finished my omelette off with some chives on top. I’m not a big egg person, but this was amazing tasting! I’ll definitely be making it again! Xo – C


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