Steak & veggies 

For two different nights we had steak. One night we had steak with fried jalapeños from our garden & gluten free Mac & Cheese & pan fried Brussel Sprouts. The next night which was last night we had steak with fried jalapeños & shrimp & a fresh salad with tomatoes & red bell peppers from our garden & I added homemade ranch & pan fried Brussel Sprouts. 

We don’t have a lot of space for a full garden yet, but we are growing a couple vegetables. I forgot to take a picture of our bell peppers & tomatoes though. There’s something rewarding about growing your own vegetables! They taste so much better! 

So here is the first dinner. It was so good & I’m starting to feel a little better with cutting gluten out.  

Dinner 2! My husband had broccoli with cheese sauce too. I’m not a fan though of broccoli. It was really good. 

Being healthy is more then just cutting out certain things, it adding more vegetables, portion control & making things fresh! I really enjoy cooking fresh stuff & meat & using different spices & seasonings! I hope you guys enjoy reading about it! 


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