Sweet Potato, Brussel Sprouts & Chicken Stirfry 

Hi guys! Last night for dinner I stir fried sweet potato, brussel sprouts & chicken for dinner. It was an easy & healthy dinner!

I cubed my chicken & let it sit in my favorite seasoning while I prepped my sweet potato & Brussel sprouts. I like this seasons because there’s no added msg & it’s a little spicy with a bit of sweetness. Here’s what the Cajun season looks like. 

So to prepare my sweet potato I boiled it some so that it would be a little softer & cook all the way through. No one likes a hard potato! I then cut it into medium size chunks & fried it with a little. It if butter to give it a golden brown crust. Then I set them aside in a bowl. 

I then cut my brussel sprouts in half & sautéed then with some cut up garlic for that extra flavor. After that I put them in the bowl with the sweet potato. 

Next I cooked the chicken & as soon as the chicken was almost done I added my sweet potato & brussel sprouts in so that everything would be nice & hot & mixed together! 

This dinner was easy to make & the greatest thing is I only used the one pan to cook it all in! It made for a delicious dinner & an easy clean up! Hope you enjoy! Xo – C 


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