As you guys know lately we have been trying to clean up our eating and trying to make most of our stuff at home instead of buying premade products. With that said I am also trying to lose weight & I am trying to cut gluten out to see if I have an intolerance to it until I get tested.

I usually make lunch and dinner because of the hours that my husband works, so now for summer he is working days & now I make three meals a day instead of two. So for breakfast I’ve been making us smoothies instead of a heavy meal first thing in the morning.

Here are a couple recipes that I’ve been making! I really have enjoyed them and so has my husband. If you try these or you make your own & you want to share the recipe with me then drop me a comment! Xo – C


This is the banana, strawberry, peanut butter smoothie

This is the cucumber, parsley, apple, ginger & lemon juice smoothie. It’s good but a little bit of a bite because of the ginger. So be careful with how much ginger you put in so that you don’t over do it!


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