We are Family…

Now that I’m in my 30’s & wanting to start my own family the meaning of family has been coming up a lot.

 What is family? How does one figure this out. When I look back on my childhood & see what family was it makes more sense to me then how most people define it now a days. 

I found this quote that explains it so well & I want to share it with you guys. 

So to me family isn’t necessarily someone who is blood related or even someone who has the same last name as you. It’s someone who loves you in the good times & the bad times. Someone who helps you without expecting something in return. Someone who builds you up & defends you instead of gossiping about you or putting you down. 

This is what family is to me. So even if we are blood related or have the same last name we may not. E as much family as the person that is always there for me or is a part of my life. That’s just how it is & im thankful for the little bit of family that I have & all that they do for me & us! 


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