Burn baby, burn 🕯

I love candles! There’s something mesmerizing about the way the flame flickers on a candle. 

I always thought it was cool to have a candle holder that had cut outs to create the flickering on the wall or ceiling!

I’ve tried so many different brands of candles & everytine I still go back to my favorite brand yankee candle!

Today I bought some votives. It’s been a while since I have had some of yankee candles scents, but after today I’m in love with them again!

So I bought four scents: Sicilian Lemon, White Gardenia, Mango Peach Salsa & Coconut Beach. They are amazing smelling so far! Plus they last longer & are definitely made with a better wax!

Does anyone have any suggestions on scents to try? If so drop me a comment!! Xo – C


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