My best friends have fur…

It’s coming up on six months since I lost my side kick who happened to be my little fur baby. You never realize how much your pet means to you until you lose them or you go through something and need them. 

I never understood how people say that pets aren’t a part of your family or don’t mean anything! They are there for you when you are sad, happy, angry, lonely & hurt. 

My little side kick was always there to greet me at the door when I got home along with her big brother. She was my napping partner when I had long days at work & she loved to be cuddled! 

I got to teach her how to walk on a leash & finally got her to be comfortable with riding in the car with us. She was my first baby & allowed me to learn as she was learning. She was a mommies girl for sure 

She loved her dad & her brother so much & loved running as she had a lot of energy! She loved running circles around Otis & keeping him on his toes! 

Unfortunately in December we lost our little fur baby Nina & to this day it still hurts our hearts. We miss her cuddles & her energy & love. We are still blessed to have our big boy Otis who definitely helped his mommy (me) as I battled depression & anxiety after dealing with the loss of our son Ezekiel. 

Otis has become a mommas boy & now loves to cuddle with mom, but whines for dad when he comes home! We are so thankful for him & cherish each moment with him! 

In a month out big boy will be 7 years old & we can’t wait to celebrate him! He got a new memory foam bed today for his birthday & then he will get some treats & a special healthy meal on his birthday! 

We love him so much & when we have a bigger home in a couple months we will God willing be rescuing another dog & save a life & give Otis another buddy!


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