Vinegar Shots!

So my husband & I decided we are going to try the vinegar shots. I desperately want to lose weight & I knew people at work that were doing this & I seen how their results looked! So my sweet husband is going to try this venture with me! I just want to give a run down on the information about it & the benefits! 

So if you want to do vinegar shots you should do it every day. Don’t take it raw or it could burn your esophagus & mess up the enamel on your teeth. The best way to take it is to cut it with water or juice. Some people take 2 teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces of fluid or 16 ounces. It depends on your preference. 

In doing som research apple cider vinegar helps with quite a few things. Here are some: Treats acne, clears dandruff, helps ward off diabetes, cancer, heart problems, high cholesterol, stuffy noses, indigestion and gives your energy a boost! 

It helps with an upset stomach. Mix just a little bit of he vinegar with some apple juice & slowly sip on it & it will help calm your stomach 

It helps in weight loss & that’s my main reason for doing it. So research says that because of the main ingredient acetic acid this is why people lose the weight. It also helps you maintain your daily weight. I don’t know if some of you realize it, but our weight fluctuates day to day. Most of the time this is because of our water retention. 

So here’s to starting this vinegar journey & see if I can continue to lose weight! If you have tried it or are doing it right now drop me a comment & let me know your thoughts! Xo – C


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