Salmon & fried rice

So last time I told you guys I’d talk about using the leftover fried rice I made & using Salmon! So here it is. 

I usually bake my salmon. I love the juiciness! I use lemon juice with some ginger & a little butter & paprika. I love how the flavors blend!

So for this particular meal I used the rice which in my last post I told you how I made it & I paired it with grilled pineapple. I must say it was so delicious! Those flavors actually married very well. Then for color & because we are trying to be smarter & healthier I plated it with fresh fruit & avocado. 

I was surprised that all the flavors went together so well, but look at it all the rice brought my starch & the heaviness to the plate, the fish was that flaky butter element & the avocado was smooth & healthy & last but not least the fruit brought that freshness & it kind of cleaned your palette after from the heaviness. All in all I think it was pretty good! 

I hope that you guys enjoy the recipes & all the adventures I post about so until next time! Xo – C


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