Happy happy happy

What is happiness? 

For so long I’ve struggled with this. I’ve always seen happiness as having the car I want or new clothes or a guy or a ring on my finger. It’s none of those though! 

It’s taken me time & I’m still learning that happiness isn’t an item you possess it has to do with your outlook on like & what you do with your time. 

I’ve struggled with depression & I’ve always looked to things or people to make me “happy”. When what really makes me happy is doing the things I love, helping others & trying to be the best I can be. Sometimes this includes reading a book, working out, listening to music or even for me taking a nap lol. 

There’s so much more to life then “things” or “stuff”. People come & go, cars & home get changed or upgraded & clothes get worn out & tossed.  

Live in the moment. Make your happiness! Don’t depend on someone else to make you happy. If we don’t create our own happiness we are just setting ourselves up for disappointment which in time can lead to depression. Let’s start today by making ourselves happy! ☺️ Xo – C


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