Steak & eggs 

Hey guys! So the other day for brunch I made steak & eggs. My husband works evenings so we usually have brunch since we only have one meal together. 

On this day he couldn’t decide if he wanted breakfast foods or more of lunch food, so I decided to kind of mix the two. This is what I came up with. 

So I cooked the steak a medium rare & seasoned it with paprika & garlic, I pan fried the all ready cooked rice & seasoned with a little soy sauce, paprika, ginger & garlic. The carrots I steamed & added a little sea salt to bring out their flavor more & the I cooked spinach & mushrooms with cut up garlic & red wine vinegar. To complete the dish & bring a little bit of a breakfast feel I fried an egg with a wet yolk. 

I have to say it probably only took my husband 10 minutes to eat it! It always makes me feel good when he gets excited about the food I cook. I really try to make sure he has nutritious meals that are cooked with love!

 On the next blog I’ll talk about cooking salmon with the leftover fried rice! Xo -C


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