Deviliciousness & Refuge Brewery…

On April 8, 2017 we went to Refuge Brewery in Temecula & seen Jason Cruz who is the frontman for the punk rock band Strungout. He was playing acoustic that night & did some song from his new album that is coming out. 

Refuge Brewery was a really nice place. Bigger then what I had anticipated & clean & classy for being a bar! The decor made you feel sophisticated, but very comfortable at the same time. I didn’t drink because I couldn’t, but my husband & friends said the brews were really good!

Deviliciousness put on the concert & catered the food with their food truck. They were celebrating their 2 year anniversary as a restaurant which is right down the street from the brewery. My husband & I really want to go to their restaurant now after this & see what they have. 

My husband bought his ticket online & then we bought mine at the door because I was the DD, so in all we paid 20 dollars to get in & he got a free beer with the souvenir cups we got with our ticket purchase. 

The concert was great & we seen many of our friends there too. It was a laid back evening where we enjoyed great music & got to socialize with some friends we don’t see that often! 

Here is some snapshots from that night: 

If you want to check out either place here’s the information for them:

Refuge Brewery 

43040 Rancho Way Ste. 200

Temecula, Ca 92590

28693 Old Town Front St. #104

Temecula, Ca 92590
Xo – C


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