So I don’t know much about BMX, but I’m learning because it’s something that my husband is very into it. As a kid he grew up looking up to the legends of it & rode himself. 

So what is BMX? It’s off road bicycling derived from supercross. It was founded by Scot “Old Man” Breithaupt who had raced in supercross. He found the racing & held the 1st official BMx race in California in 1970. 

It obviously became a very popular sport & has produced legends such as: Matt Hoffman, Dave Mira, Shaun Butler & T.J. Lavin to name a few. Many more are coming up in this sport as it grows too. 

We see that companies that are involved in BMX are still thriving such as S&M which was founded by Greg “Scott” Swingrover & Cris “Mad Dog” Moeller. So S&M Hence the last names of the founders creates bmx bikes. Even if you don’t know much or anything about BMX I am sure you’ve heard of this company. Most of you probably thought it stood for something else. 

If you ever sit & watch BMX you find yourself intrigued because you want to see what the person is going to pull off & you want to see if they accomplish their trick. Most of the time you are sitting on the edge of you seat watching with anticipation & excitement & sometimes you are holding your breath because you don’t want to see them fail! 

It’s definitely a sport worth watching. It gets your adrenaline going! So here’s to learning more & enjoying the legends & the up & coming riders. I hope you get to check it out for yourself for now I’ll leave you with these pictures that I had the pleasure of taking of my hubby out on his bike one day! Xo – C


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