Letting go

This year I’ve been learning so much. I’ve trusted people & tried to be nice to people & try to treat them as I want to be treated. Sometimes that’s not good enough though. 

Someone people are happy being mean & unhappy & not treating other people that well. You can’t change them & you can’t change the situations that you go through, but you can do something about yourself & what is effecting you. 

So recently like I said I learned this & learned it the hard way. I told someone something (about myself) but in confidence & asked them & trusted them to keep it to themselves. They betrayed my trust & they never once thought about how it would affect me. I can’t do anything about that now, but I can let go of that person & distance myself from that person. I don’t need that negativity in my life or that betrayal. 

In another situation someone was going through a hard time. They lost someone they cared about & I tried to be nice & understanding even though I didn’t care for this person or have a good relationship with them. Needless to say I got burnt & this person acted evil towards me & someone I care about with their words & actions. I need to let it go. 
So I’m learning to let go. Why harbor stress & negativity when if I let if go there’s so many blessing & good things I can spend my energy on instead of all this negativity & hurt?! So here’s to a new chapter & a new me starting now. 


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