Friendship & privacy 

Hey guys so this is a topic I’m learning & have struggled with for a while now. I want everyone to like me & I want people to treat me the way I would or do treat them. The truth is that’s not how life goes. There’s true friendship & there’s acquaintances. 
True friendship is where you actually have a relationship with a person & you work at getting to know the person more & growing together. You may not always agree on every thought or idea, but that doesn’t ruin your friendship. You also stay in touch with that person & they are involved in your life & you know that if you tell them something in confidence they won’t break that confidence. 
An acquaintance is someone you know or you family or friend knows them. You seem them at different events or are Facebook “friends” with them. This person isn’t someone that you hang out with or talk to or have deep conversations with. You aren’t disturbed if you don’t see or hear from them for a while or ever again. 
So many times we confuse the two. We think we have to be “friends” with everyone. Wrong! You should be very selective about who you are friends with! Think about these things when analyzing if you should be friends or not. 
1. Are they trustworthy?

2. Do they encourage me to be a better person or do they bring me down?

3. What does my family think of them?

4. Do they actually make time for our friendship? 

5. Do they gossip or are negative or talk down about me or my other friends & family or their other friends or family?

6. What do they bring into my life? 

7. What is their character like?

8. Am I comfortable around them or do I act like someone else when they are around?
Think about what kind of people you want to associate with & remember you don’t have to be friends with everyone! You can be polite & cordial with everyone, but that doesn’t mean exhaust yourself & pour yourself into hundreds of people. Choose a handful of true friends & stick to that. Have trustworthy people that are going to bring something into the friendship just as you should bring something into it too. Remember you only have so many seats at your private table. Who will you choose?


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