Are your words a tool building people up or tearing them down?

Hi guys! So I came across this quote today & this is something that is very near & dear to my heart. Our mouth is one of the most vicious tool we have on our body. It can also be the most loving & helpful tool we have!
With that said so many times people will not think before they say something & it can devastate another person. Why do we feel it’s completely okay to impose our hateful disgusting words on someone? What gives us that right? That’s definitely not what freedom of speech means. 
As a society we need to show more love & class. We don’t need to be spewing hate or anger. We need to think before we say things. You can’t take it back once you say it. Also once it’s said it can just create more problems & it shows that you are just as immature as the other people doing it too. 
As I write this I include myself in the group that needs to be better! So join me in taking the challenge of speaking more love & positivity to & about those who are around us!! 


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