The Arboretum

On March 25 my husband & I went to the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day warm, but not to warm with a gentle breeze. My sister had given me an article about how it was peacock day there & she knows I’m obsessed with Peacocks!


I have so many pictures that I thought I would upload them in the order that we went on our adventure so that you could see what our day looked like! I hope that you enjoy the natural beauty as much as we did!


We got to see different trees & foliage from areas from Africa, Australia & Asia. Simply amazing! The flowers there were also stunning. It was just so breathe taking & peaceful. It was so nice to go & be surrounded by nature. We were able to hike on some of the trails they had there & be surrounded by bamboo & even find little hidden ponds back in there! There’s a couple water waterfalls & they are just beautiful. It was so much fun!


So the man reason we went was because of my obsession PEACOCKS! They were amazing!! So a male is a Peacock and is the one that fans it’s tail & shows it’s beautiful colors to attract the females which are called Peahens. Peahens are brownish with very little to no color & they do not have a tail like the male. They make a mating call that I say sounds like what the raptors in Jurassic Park make & when their tales are fanned out they make a rattling noise like a rattlesnakes tail does. It’s really cool & creepy at the same time.


Overall it was a very beautiful & interesting day. We got to see so much & we learned so much too. It was nice going on an adventure & getting to see things that most people don’t get to because either you have to travel far away or they don’t know that it’s available to experience there. Being unplugged from everyday life & stresses & technology for a couple hours was really nice too.


If you are interested in going I encourage you to.The arboretum is located in Arcadia, CA. It’s inexpensive & quite enjoyable. I recommend doing this with your spouse/significant other or as a family trip. You can find all the information & more at


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