Tale as old as time…

So we went & seen Disneys Beauty & the Beast. I was very skeptical because I am a diehard Disney fan. I grew up watching the original movie on VHS. Plus the original was animated & this one is live action! There was going to be a real beast!

So we went & can I save I absolutely loved it! Emma Watson did an amazing job as Belle! She has a natural beauty about her & really portrayed it in the movie.

After seeing this movie I remembered why I love it so much! We see a Beast & a beautiful girl, but there is so much more to this story. We are reminded that when we judge someone by how they look we could miss out on getting to know a great person. We also live in a society that is so caught up on only being attracted to someone if they are considered “hot”. Why do we look at just their outer appearance when there is so much more to a person! We could miss out on the love of our life by not seeing them as a whole!

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Even my husband enjoyed it & he isn’t a Disney fanatic like me! So go check it out & let me know what you guys think! Au Revoir!


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