Who am I?

Hi guys! I’m Crystal. Some of you that read this will know who I am & some you’ve never met me! Let me give you a little background about myself. I am 30 years old, I am a believer, I am married, I have one baby in Heaven & hoping for more here on earth. I love to cook. I actually am considering going to culinary school to refine what skills I have & to learn more. As of 3.11.17 my husband & I have been married a year! We love doing things outdoors & loving being around nature. I am a fan of the beach! I love the feel of the warm sand under my feet & the taste of the salt in the air. I love taking pictures especially of nature and of food. I love making a plate pretty. On my blog I will write about the place we go, the things we see & the foods we eat. I hope that you will enjoy the many adventure I take!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Exmi Jaime says:

    Hi Crystal I’m excited for you on your new venture and some yummy ideas too 😋😉


    1. Thank you Exmi! I can’t wait to share these new ventures & recipes!


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